Friday, November 27, 2009

what you have done for Country?

Everybody is very busy to blame others or accuses for some mistakes either in work front / any incident / or other thing gone wrong.

let us discuss some common issues: -

a) traffic jams: - take a example of New Delhi, India's Capital. People are really good at heart or large at heart as saying " Delhi dilwalo Ki". people here are a little bit shows what they belongs. So, instead of travelling / commuting in public transport (DTC/ Metro), used to take their own vehicles. Result: traffic Jams.

b) blaming Government: -

a) here I remember a little thought by our Past President Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: " people are really careless when its come to follow the rules set in India. They really don't thing a second before throwing garbage in front of their own house rather in garbage box or in the morning or evening generally have a walk with their pets. they let pie the pets on the road and get away. If the same thing they have to do in other country then will have to carry a bag to collect the waste of pets. We follows blindly the rules of other countries but not ours."

b) election: We, the People of India elect our representatives for the largest democracy in the world. At the end of the day, people enjoy this day as any holiday in the calender and less bother to vote. But something happened like 26/11, kargil, etc, we start blaming the impotency of the system (intelligence failure, lack of willing of leaders to act on the issues whatever you want to say). So, it just like a vicious circle. (people --> elect leader--> breaucrats--> people).

we need to break this to vicious circle and act ourselves first rather than blaming anybody. this will happen only we follow rules and regulations and ask to follow others.


  1. i think you want to entering into politics. Ither you are learning from shiv khera.

  2. charity start from home...
    till date our judicial system and executive body not get fully emporward nothing can happen.
    we nedd 15000 judges and 100000 courts. and many more things cahnge to police empowerment. and above all supervision of one another.