Friday, December 4, 2009

2 States -The Story of My Marriage

2 States - the story of my Marriage- Chetan Bhagat's new books.
two days back, I supposed to travelled to one of Friend wedding at Kota, Rajasthan. So, I took Dehradun Express from Bharuch in the morning. As I have to catch the train in the early morning, so wake up so early. When I boarded the train, immediately fall asleep. After some 5 hours I wake a sudden jerk as the railway stop at some station. The station is Ratlam. As the journey will for another 6 more hours, I thought of picking up something to read for rest of my Journey. So, while giving a look to books at Railway station's Book stall, suddenly graps my attention by the name of the book 2 States - The story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat. As earlier I enjoyed reading his five point someone. I though of picking this up to kill the time and I also heard that it will be on his experience at IIM-A.
I would like to highlight some points from Chetan Bhagat latest Books: -
a) The book has the same pace as earlier one five point someone. I read the book from 1 st page to last page at one go.
b) Though he mentioning that the book is work of fiction also admitting that the name places mentioned in the book are real one.
c) Actually the book is like a bollywood movie style story. A boy (Krish) and a girl (Ananya) love each other. want to get married. but different family background. So, the couple wants that both side family member agreeing each of partner. so it goes like this.
d) the story well told from point view of boy character Krish.
e) The first day of meeting of the main characters (Krish and Ananya) at a mess during lunch hours.
f) suddenly click a stroke of friendship. (As Ananya is beautiful and talk of the campus and everybody in the campus line up for cornering her and proposing her) (the same thing is done at every management school as seniors checking the beautiful cheek in the institute and before fresher party want to go along with her.)
h) As the friendship progress, Krish doesn't feel comfortable "as just Friend" tag. So, He stops talking with her and eventually,
i) He proposed her [as both get along for studies, foods (as foods is very boring one when its from mess), etc...]
j) but interesting part of the book is that, reference keep coming from five point someone. (whether its grades, girlfriend, etc)
k) So, Author is reminding you all the time that, you need to read five point someone and then go for this book.
l) Ananya's family membership characters (father, mother and little brother as Tamil Brahmin is okay)
m) But I strongly object for character description of Krish Father. Its very unreal and written very short about it and shown as very absurd Father. (Strict father / a father of Military background is okay the behaviour mentioned is very extreme (as continuous abusing Krish mother is not understand) (at the end of the book, Krish father play a God by approaching Ananya and her parents for their consent. Its very opposite behaviour of Krish Father, or it may happened because less weightage given to describe it)
n) Krish and Ananya both manage to get consent of each other family member and atlast they married.
o) After 3 years Ananya gave birth to Twins (same as real like Chetan Bhagat also have twins)
Verdict: Can read in one go. It will be fun but not keeping remembering anything after that.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

China- Rise of Dragon

China, Communist country - the rise of Dragon

lets get back to late 1970, China was communist country and lack of proper infrastructure and growth limited to big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc

To face the world competition and stand up to the world demand, China made a remarkable survey to rejuvenate the country itself. In 1978, Chinese delegation shown up to India and they studied the Special economic zone. From then China never look back. The delegation, back at China made representation of Special Economic Zone Model. The Chinese government liked and approved the proposal to set up the Special Economic Zone covering all Coastal line from Shanghai to Tianjin, Beijing, etc. This opened up the door to set up the business and liberalised economy without change the political system.

These gave a immense opportunities to the development of China in terms of Infrastructures. If we take a look at the figure then it will be : -
Road: more than 50000 kms of road. (just take a example of Maruti Udyog Ltd.: MUL is located at Gurgaon, Haryana. To export Cars, MUL needs take it to the Port of Nhava Sheva to load the Ship. The transit time from Gurgaon to Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai took more than 24 hours to reach. The same distance if traveled in China, it will take just half a time i.e. 12 hours.)
railways: more than 75000 kms. (yes China overtake the India railways i.e. 62000 Kms.) (India is in the process of developing Freight Corridor from India's Capital i.e New Delhi to Nhava Sheva, Mumbai by participation of PPP (Public Private Partnership). But.. its stuck between the finalisation of development from Baroda to Nhava Sheva port. As government governing at Centre and State of Gujarat are different and the same is stuck in between to complete)
Ports: Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, etc
Provinces: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hebei, etc
Please note that one SEZ in China is equal to state of Gujarat if compare in terms of Sq miles.

All these lead to improvement of lifestyle of people of China.

China: World's factory!
its a cheap to source a components/parts/textile/electronic parts, etc from China.

FDI's: Since liberalization till date China attracted more than US$ 300 billions of FDI's.

Cheap Labourer: The only reason to get it sourced to China is cheap labourer. I just remember one interesting case in USA against Wal Mart. Actually the manufacturers in USA sued Wal Mart for sourcing the manufacturing to China rather than USA manufacturers. In defence, the Wal Mart argued that just imagine how much USA manufacturers are expensive, if we import goods from other part of world and sell it in USA cheaper than USA manufacturers products. Its because of Labour cost in USA is much higher than in China.

another incidence from Europe: China nearly dump more than 200 containers of ladies undergarments to European port couple of years back. Chinese companies negotiating with European authority to clear the cargo for more than 2 months. Its very difficult for European Authority to clear the containers as the per unit price of ladies undergarments are so cheap that it will nearly closed down the business / shops of European manufacturers.

Banks in China: We are proud of State Bank of India having branches more than 9000 all over India and also in terms of market capitalisation. But if happen to merge three big banks in India, still market capitalisation is much less than China's big bank.
But because of slowdown of economic growth and recession, banks have large NPAs (non-performing assets) and bad shape of balance sheets.

north or west of China: its happened to be that people from north or west of China remains poor and depends on agriculture the most and these parts are remains the true picture of communist China still today.

but the fact that "its happened to be China is world factory and rest of world are consumers."

Friday, November 27, 2009


Dubai! Welcome to Dream World.
The city, one of the Emirate of UAE, tallest building in the world, man made islands. All these adjectives have one answer "Dubai".
Dubai is again in news as news of Dubai World is unable to pay its creditors till may 2010.
I remember when I first landed in Dubai on July 28, 2006 at 11.45 pm the temperature was 40 degree. its took 45 minutes to come out of the airport. the airport itself is a city. Its a very big airport and beautiful.
In the first week itself, I understand the economy of Dubai. Everywhere the new construction and new building are cropping up like mushrooms in rainy days. The reason this is very simple. Dubai has very few oil stocks unlike capital of UAE i.e. Abu Dhabi. So, Dubai open its economy (I really appreciated the foresight of Dubai Ruling family, to foresee the oil stock is less so, it Dubai need to open its economy to survive after vanishing of oil stock) to established the shops to various industries to cater "MENA" (Middle East and North Africa" and Dubai is called the Gateway to Middle East Market.
So, peoples from various countries came in search of opportunities to start their own businesses. To cater these people demand for residences, Dubai is emerges as hot destination for real estate and construction companies. Once I read in newspaper, Dubai is welcoming nearing 50000 people from around 80 countries every month. take a look at maths. every month 50000 people. Out of which estimate 10% from middle level / top level management people i.e. 5000.
every year approx. 600,000. to make an arrangement for these Hugh population, Dubai real estate and constructions companies gear themselves to fulfil the demand of Dubai. Main construction companies have expensive projects are Nakeel, Emmar, etc.
These construction companies are constructing huge and expensive villas, building, hotels, palaces, etc. To attract more people to invest (mainly from western part of world) and live in Dubai, its started constructing man made Islands. (Jumeriah palm, world, etc) also big and expensive hotels like Burj Al Arab (if you stare any of number plate of Vehicle in Dubal you will get glimpse of Burj Al Arab), Jumeriah Hotel, Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayeed Road (named after Abu Dhabi Royal family Ruler), Mall of Emirates (if you have a mood to skies then go to mall of emirates. though outside temperature 40 degree and above, at mall of emirates, you can skies.)
So, Companies from electronics to media, water de-salation to sports, you name it you have a company to cater the needs of Residence of Dubai.
let summarise the events in the history of Dubai
a) oil discovery
b) companies coming up to set up the business
c) residences: construction of residences, hotel, malls, etc
d) more people need to fulfil the growing demand of Dubai.
e) entertainment, leisure needs at Dubai. (people from various countries coming up to work)
f) real estate bubbles burst in America. (in 2008)
g) Slowly its spread all over the world making people to lose their jobs.
h) So, Investment stop coming to Dubai.
i) So, its nearly one year recession take over Dubai.
its estimated more than US$ 200 Billions are at Stake.
But as Dubai World says " Sun Never Set in Dubai World", Let hoping for the best for economic recovery of Dubai!

what you have done for Country?

Everybody is very busy to blame others or accuses for some mistakes either in work front / any incident / or other thing gone wrong.

let us discuss some common issues: -

a) traffic jams: - take a example of New Delhi, India's Capital. People are really good at heart or large at heart as saying " Delhi dilwalo Ki". people here are a little bit shows what they belongs. So, instead of travelling / commuting in public transport (DTC/ Metro), used to take their own vehicles. Result: traffic Jams.

b) blaming Government: -

a) here I remember a little thought by our Past President Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: " people are really careless when its come to follow the rules set in India. They really don't thing a second before throwing garbage in front of their own house rather in garbage box or in the morning or evening generally have a walk with their pets. they let pie the pets on the road and get away. If the same thing they have to do in other country then will have to carry a bag to collect the waste of pets. We follows blindly the rules of other countries but not ours."

b) election: We, the People of India elect our representatives for the largest democracy in the world. At the end of the day, people enjoy this day as any holiday in the calender and less bother to vote. But something happened like 26/11, kargil, etc, we start blaming the impotency of the system (intelligence failure, lack of willing of leaders to act on the issues whatever you want to say). So, it just like a vicious circle. (people --> elect leader--> breaucrats--> people).

we need to break this to vicious circle and act ourselves first rather than blaming anybody. this will happen only we follow rules and regulations and ask to follow others.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


India! a country have a history of more than 5000 years.
A country which gave a lot to the world in terms of culture, civilisations, religions, languages, science and inventions. If you turn around the pages of modern history, Lord Macaulay's address to British Parliament in Feb.2, 1835, he referred Indian as high moral value people with a high caliber and India has high spritual and cultural heritage and it forms the backbone of India.
If you look at today's India, you will find it a people in their early 20's or 30's or young India. They wants to acheive a lots, with lots of dreams to fulfil in other terms a child, who wants to see the world, to learn, try to focus, try to recognize the things.
We, Glaze India are the true representation of todays India. A lot of dreams to fulfill, a lot to learn. try to imparts the experience what we get from our past and also try to Imporve the living of the people of India.
We due repect to our spritual and cultural heritage, we would like to explore India in a broader way and would like to show the world what India have and would give to the rest of the world in future.