Friday, December 4, 2009

2 States -The Story of My Marriage

2 States - the story of my Marriage- Chetan Bhagat's new books.
two days back, I supposed to travelled to one of Friend wedding at Kota, Rajasthan. So, I took Dehradun Express from Bharuch in the morning. As I have to catch the train in the early morning, so wake up so early. When I boarded the train, immediately fall asleep. After some 5 hours I wake a sudden jerk as the railway stop at some station. The station is Ratlam. As the journey will for another 6 more hours, I thought of picking up something to read for rest of my Journey. So, while giving a look to books at Railway station's Book stall, suddenly graps my attention by the name of the book 2 States - The story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat. As earlier I enjoyed reading his five point someone. I though of picking this up to kill the time and I also heard that it will be on his experience at IIM-A.
I would like to highlight some points from Chetan Bhagat latest Books: -
a) The book has the same pace as earlier one five point someone. I read the book from 1 st page to last page at one go.
b) Though he mentioning that the book is work of fiction also admitting that the name places mentioned in the book are real one.
c) Actually the book is like a bollywood movie style story. A boy (Krish) and a girl (Ananya) love each other. want to get married. but different family background. So, the couple wants that both side family member agreeing each of partner. so it goes like this.
d) the story well told from point view of boy character Krish.
e) The first day of meeting of the main characters (Krish and Ananya) at a mess during lunch hours.
f) suddenly click a stroke of friendship. (As Ananya is beautiful and talk of the campus and everybody in the campus line up for cornering her and proposing her) (the same thing is done at every management school as seniors checking the beautiful cheek in the institute and before fresher party want to go along with her.)
h) As the friendship progress, Krish doesn't feel comfortable "as just Friend" tag. So, He stops talking with her and eventually,
i) He proposed her [as both get along for studies, foods (as foods is very boring one when its from mess), etc...]
j) but interesting part of the book is that, reference keep coming from five point someone. (whether its grades, girlfriend, etc)
k) So, Author is reminding you all the time that, you need to read five point someone and then go for this book.
l) Ananya's family membership characters (father, mother and little brother as Tamil Brahmin is okay)
m) But I strongly object for character description of Krish Father. Its very unreal and written very short about it and shown as very absurd Father. (Strict father / a father of Military background is okay the behaviour mentioned is very extreme (as continuous abusing Krish mother is not understand) (at the end of the book, Krish father play a God by approaching Ananya and her parents for their consent. Its very opposite behaviour of Krish Father, or it may happened because less weightage given to describe it)
n) Krish and Ananya both manage to get consent of each other family member and atlast they married.
o) After 3 years Ananya gave birth to Twins (same as real like Chetan Bhagat also have twins)
Verdict: Can read in one go. It will be fun but not keeping remembering anything after that.

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